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What is SEOlytika?

What is SEOlytika?

SEOlytika is the professional SEO tool for freelancers, web agencies and website owners who want to monitor and improve their positioning on Google.


Thanks to a wide range of statistical data, graphs and suggestions, you will be able to fill the gaps that do not allow you to climb the Google ranking.

How does SEOlytika work?

How does SEOlytika work?

How it works is very simple, you just have to indicate if you have some favorite keywords that you want to follow in a preferential way, the domain of your website, if you have any competitors to keep an eye on, your location and little else, once finished SEOlytika will execute the first update and it will already show you all the data, it will update every day to track your position in real time.

Who can use SEOlytika?

Who can use SEOlytika?

If you have a website and would like to monitor the trend of your positioning on Google, discover the best keywords for your business, analyze your competitors, optimize pages and much more at a super affordable price, this is the right tool for you.


Are you a freelancer? A web agency? Or simply you have a website and would like to improve your Google positioning to receive more contacts or make more sales? Then you need a tool that provides you with the necessary data and suggestions.


The idea is to offer a professional product at a very affordable price to allow everyone to use tools of this type.


Can I try SEOlytika?

Can I try SEOlytika?

Yes, you can try it for free for 10 days without having to enter any credit card. The free trial plan includes 5 premium keywords, 100 positioned keywords, 50 backlinks, organic positioning in the SERP with daily updates.


Discover all the features and decide whether to continue with us or not, without any constraints.

Google ranking
Track your website's ranking for each keyword in real time from a single screen with daily updates.
Analyze your competitors, track their positions, keywords, visibility, traffic and discover new competitors to analyze.
Discover the position of your keywords in Google, trends, search volumes, estimated traffic, opportunities, Ads, CPC, etc.
Analyze and detect backlinks pointing to your site, link quality, anchors used, target pages, domains, etc.
SEO Audit
Perform a SEO audit on your website's pages to find weaknesses and optimize it to climb to the top of the Google search results.
Export white label reports in pdf for the period you are interested in, or export the situation of another site to analyze it.
The all-in-one SEO tool
The all-in-one SEO tool

With a small monthly subscription you can have access to SEOlytika's professional tools and immediately start monitoring your ranking on Google, very accurately and with daily updates, unlike many tools that release inaccurate and incorrectly geolocated data.


In SEO knowing the weaknesses of your site optimization is essential to climb the Google rankings.


Keeping competitors under control, focusing on the right keywords and finding new ones, optimizing pages, monitoring backlinks, are all essential data for creating better and more performing strategies.


Track your ranking for each keyword accurately and in real time with daily updates, all from one screen.

Promotional offer!
Promotional offer!

SEOlytika is the complete, professional SEO tool, easy to read with daily updates even for the cheapest plans, it uses a database with over 5 billion keywords to best suggest your new SEO strategy.


Take advantage of the promotion, choose the plan that best suits your needs at a price never seen before for tools of this type.

track your ranking on google
Track your ranking on Google

Track the performance of your website on Google day by day, find out how you are positioned and with which keywords, follow your site with graphs and data that will help you monitor progress, discover weak points and strong points to understand how to grow.

monitor your competitors
Monitor your competitors

What are the strategies implemented by your competitors? How do they position themselves in relation to you and with which keywords? Follow their positioning over time, scan their websites to understand the positioning techniques used, don't let yourself be surpassed!

analyze the keywords
Analyze the keywords

The keywords choice is essential for a successful SEO strategy. Find out if the keywords you are focusing on are the right ones, find new ones, analyze your site to understand which keywords you are actually found with and in which position you are.