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How SEOlytika works

SEOlytika is the tool to monitor, analyze, improve SEO and ranking of your website.


Discover the main features of the tool, test everything with a 10 days free trial (no credit card required), or buy a plan and take advantage of the promotion that allows you to use it at a very discounted price.

Organic positioning

Track and analyze the site's organic positioning on Google in real time with very high precision for your favorite keywords and for all the keywords your site ranks for, with daily updates.


The analysis is not limited to positioning but offers a series of data and graphs such as: position over time, average position, presence on the first page, keywords distribution in the first 10 Google pages, estimated traffic, trends, new keywords, lost keywords, etc.

Keywords and pages

Discover the position of your keywords in Google page by page, with data such as your rank on Google, the search volume for every month, the percentage of competitiveness and the difficulty degree to rank higher on Goolge, the CPC (Cost per Click) for buy the word in Google Ads campaigns.


Analyze every single page positioned of your site to find out how many keywords appear in Google results and the monthly traffic volume it moves, all in a single screen.

New ideas for keywords

Not sure which keywords to choose for your strategy? Take advantage of 'Keywords Ideas' to gain greater visibility thanks to a list of keywords suitable for your site and displayed with all the data you need to choose the best ones to focus on.


New positioning ideas to find new customers!


Monitoring your competitors is essential to understand their strategy and act appropriately, if you want to copy the strategies of the big websites or to beat your competitors SEOlytika can help you.


You will be able to daily monitor your favorite competitors that you will indicate and discover all the others who compete with you in the Google SERP: discover the top competitors and with how many keywords they are positioned, in which pages, the value of their traffic compared to yours, the keywords earned and lost in the last month.

History and Authority

Enter the start date and the end date to discover all the data of the period that interests you, make comparative analyzes between the different time periods and obtain all the data you need to understand which SEO strategy worked better, which behaviors have penalized you, how far your competitors have advanced or retreated.


Follow the Authority over time to understand if you are making the right moves to increase the authority of your site (DA, PA and SKA ranking).

Google Places

Track the positioning of Google's local services for the keywords you have entered, find out if you appear in the top three positions and all your competitors.


Appearing in the top three positions of local services can bring new customers at no cost, it is a very important factor for the growth of local businesses, monitoring these positions over time helps us to understand if we are working well on the website, study competitors and improve their strategies.

Google Ads

Track competitors' ads, find out which competitors are advertising on Google Ads and if the ads are positioned at the top of the page or at the bottom.


Discover the keywords suggested for your business and expand your campaign to get more clicks and more conversions.


Backlinks are essential to improve the organic ranking and authority of the website.


Find out how many and which sites link to you, what rank they have (level of authority in the SERP), the types of anchors used, from which IPs the links come, the target pages, everything you need to understand how to act to improve your positioning and your authority.

SEO Audit + Advice

Do a SEO Audit of your website or external websites (such as competitors) to find out what to improve in your site optimizing, also in relation to competitors.


Create an SEO Advice of your website or external website (such as competitors) by scanning up to 500 pages to obtain a detailed report page by page, highlighting errors to optimize them and grow in Google positions. At the end of the report, similar or duplicate meta tags and pages at risk of cannibalization will also be highlighted.


Get reports in PDF format white label (without the presence of the SEOlytika branding) to show to your customers or to analyze when it suits you.


Your site's reports contain all the data collected by SEOlytica in the indicated period: tracking positioning both for the 'premium' keys you have chosen and for those collected on Google, average positioning, competitors, backlinks and authority.

External site reports provide a general picture of the analyzed site: the keywords positioned, the pages in the Google SERP, the backlinks, the competitors, the distribution of the keywords and the traffic data.