Analyze keywords

Analyze keywords

Do you know exactly with how many and which keywords you are positioned on Google?


Probably not. How useful could it be to you? Very, very much.


Knowing exactly the keywords with which your pages appear in the Google rankings is a very important fact, it allows you to focus on keywords that are already present in the search engine indexes, making your work easier. You will probably find that you are positioned with keywords that you did not imagine, perhaps on almost forgotten internal pages or on which you have never bet.


You will not only identify new keywords but also the pages of your site that are positioned for a certain keyword, you will know which pages to focus on to improve searches with certain terms, without having to go on trial and perhaps point to the wrong page which is not even in the first 10 pages.


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Google ranking
Track your website's ranking for each keyword in real time from a single screen with daily updates.
Analyze your competitors, track their positions, keywords, visibility, traffic and discover new competitors to analyze.
Discover all the keywords you are positioned for, trends, search volumes, estimated traffic, opportunities, Ads, CPC, etc.
Analyze and detect backlinks pointing to your site, link quality, anchors used, target pages, domains, etc.
SEO Audit
Perform a SEO audit on your website's pages to find weaknesses and optimize it to climb to the top of the Google search results.
Export white label reports in pdf for the period you are interested in, or export the situation of another site to analyze it.