limportanza delle keywords premium

The importance of premium keywords

The premium keywords are keywords that you can indicate to SEOlytika from a special panel, they are the keywords most relevant to you, the ones you want to monitor more thoroughly and follow in a distinct way from all the others.


Let's take the example of a web agency that focuses on certain keywords to find new customers by positioning itself in the Google SERP, for example, let's assume that the agency is in New York, it will probably want to position itself with: 'web agency New York', 'web site creation New York', web design agency New York', etc.


By indicating these keywords as 'premium' you will follow them from a dedicated interface with graphs and data updated daily which will indicate your positioning in the SERP (day by day), the level of competitiveness, the opportunity, the CPC, the percentages of presence on the front page, the changes over time, the search volumes, the related keywords and much more, with the history always viewable.


The substantial difference with the other interface where you find all the keywords (up to 1,000) with which your site is in the first 100 positions on Google is that the premium ones, in each section of the site, are managed separately with graphs and data tables dedicated, allowing you to follow them in a privileged way.

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Promotional offer!

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Google ranking
Track your website's ranking for each keyword in real time from a single screen with daily updates.
Analyze your competitors, track their positions, keywords, visibility, traffic and discover new competitors to analyze.
Discover all the keywords you are positioned for, trends, search volumes, estimated traffic, opportunities, Ads, CPC, etc.
Analyze and detect backlinks pointing to your site, link quality, anchors used, target pages, domains, etc.
SEO Audit
Perform a SEO audit on your website's pages to find weaknesses and optimize it to climb to the top of the Google search results.
Export white label reports in pdf for the period you are interested in, or export the situation of another site to analyze it.