traccia il tuo posizionamento su google

How important is organic ranking on Google? A lot, much more than sponsored Ads because as we know we tend to skip sites with 'Ads' written alongside to start reading the first ones positioned organically (not paid).


Knowing at all times the position of your website for all the keywords with which it is positioned in the Google SERP is essential not only to have the situation under control but also to understand where we are doing well and where instead we are losing positions.


Thanks to SEOlytika you will be able to monitor the performance of your website on Google in a single tool for all the keywords with which you are positioned. But not only. You can also indicate a number of keywords more relevant to you to follow them in detail.


Without a professional tool it would be a very long job to carry out every day, furthermore to have a history you should take note of all the results day by day.


Thanks to always accurate graphs and data, SEOlytika allows you to keep your situation in the Google SERP under control and, if you deal with the web, it can help you monitor and improve the situation of your customers, in fact you can create additional projects dedicated to domains of your customers, print white label reports to show progress.


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Promotional offer!

SEOlytika is the complete, professional SEO tool, easy to read with daily updates even for the cheapest plans, it uses a database with over 5 billion keywords to best suggest your new SEO strategy.


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Google ranking
Track your website's ranking for each keyword in real time from a single screen with daily updates.
Analyze your competitors, track their positions, keywords, visibility, traffic and discover new competitors to analyze.
Discover all the keywords you are positioned for, trends, search volumes, estimated traffic, opportunities, Ads, CPC, etc.
Analyze and detect backlinks pointing to your site, link quality, anchors used, target pages, domains, etc.
SEO Audit
Perform a SEO audit on your website's pages to find weaknesses and optimize it to climb to the top of the Google search results.
Export white label reports in pdf for the period you are interested in, or export the situation of another site to analyze it.